The Coastline

There are no fewer than seven beaches in Portchawl and each offers something unique
to visitors. Two, Trecco Bay and Rest Bay, are renowned blue flag beaches and this means
that they can get busy especially in the height of summer.

Newton Beach is popular with those that enjoy windsurfing and power boating.

Sandy Bay is home to the Coney Fair and is the location for the annual Christmas Morning swim.

Seafront Beach is really only used by experienced surfers due to the difficult sea conditions but offers good views from the centre of town.

Rest Bay is very popular with surfers of all skill levels. Pink Bav is so called because of its pink
marble look. The beach is quiet, perhaps because it is largely rock rather than sand.

Sker Beach is very quiet because it can only be reached on foot.

Trecco Bay is especially large and the Trecco Bay caravan park sits directlv next to it.




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